Olivet Statement of Faith – Version 3.0

The following states the core beliefs of Olivet Evangelical Church. As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe that we have a wonderful message of light, life and hope to share – not because of anything we have done, or are, but because of everything that Jesus Christ has done for us and Who He is.

So great is this message that we would like to both begin to share it with you and explain why we believe what we believe. 1 Peter 2:9-10, 3:15.

We believe that:

  1. The Bible is the inspired word of God and is our supreme authority for what we believe and how we live our lives.

  2. There is One God, who is spirit, who is immortal, who is infinitely holy, and who is unchanging.

    God is three Persons: Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit.  Matthew 28:19, 20; 2 Corinthians 13:14.

  3. All things in heaven and earth, visible and invisible, were created by God and are now preserved by His power and for His Glory.

  4. God’s original creation, including humankind, was proclaimed by God to be “very good”. Yet man fell from his state of innocence, and since then the whole of humanity by nature is in rebellion against God, sinful and subject to God’s just judgement.

  5. Jesus Christ, God’s Son, came to earth, becoming a man.He was conceived by the Holy Spirit in Mary while she was a virgin. As a human being, yet remaining fully God, Jesus was sinless in nature, thought, word and deed.

  6. Jesus was put to death on the cross, was buried, and rose bodily from the dead and ascended to heaven where He now reigns as Lord over heaven and earth. [OR ]

    The death of Jesus was the only acceptable sacrifice atoning for sinful human beings.  He bore God’s just wrath as the sinner’s representative and substitute making it possible for these sinners to be reconciled to God. Isaiah 53:4-6;  2 Corinthians 5:18-21; 1 Peter 2:24

  7. Everyone who believes and accepts that Jesus’ death and resurrection was for them, and who turns from their sin and turns to Jesus, will be forgiven. This is salvation and is received solely as God’s gift through faith in Jesus, not by any human effort.

  8. When a person becomes a Christian, the Bible describes this as being ‘born again’.This is the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit, who also indwells believers, makes them part of the church, enables them to grow in their faith becoming more and more like Jesus Christ, and who gives gifts and power for their witness to the world.

  9. The Church consists of every person worldwide throughout all ages who has been purchased for God by the blood of Jesus Christ.Its visible expression is in local congregations.

  10. All believers should commit themselves to personal prayer and Bible study, to full participation in the life and witness of their local church and promoting the sharing of salvation in Jesus throughout the world.

  11. The Lord Jesus Christ left His followers two visible signs, commonly called sacraments, by which believers proclaim his death for them and publicly witness their union with him

    The first sign is baptism, which at Olivet we believe is a public declaration by a believer of his faith in Christ and obedience to Christ, and should be done by full immersion.  Romans 6:1-14.

    The second sign is the Lord’s Supper by which the Lord Jesus asks His followers to remember His death by breaking bread and drinking wine, recalling His broken body and shed blood for the forgiveness of sins. Matthew 26:26-28; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26.

  12. The Lord Jesus Christ will return to this world in person in power and glory. Thereafter, those who in life refused the offer of salvation in Jesus will receive God’s just and eternal condemnation. By contrast, those who in life turned to Christ in repentance will be received by God into His eternal presence. Believers are called to live their lives in light of these eternal realities.