Prayer and Bible Study


Tuesday - 7:30pm Prayer and Bible Study Groups on ZOOM platform

In common with many other churches, we also meet for Prayer and Bible Study in Groups.   All the Groups meet together in Olivet.

If you are looking for a small Bible Study Group, why not come along on Tuesday evening at 7:30pm, and join one of the small groups which meet in the church?  You will be made most welcome at the study.

Approximately once a month or so, the whole church meets for prayer and ministry, or to hear a report from someone doing Christian work overseas or perhaps for a charitable organisation in this country.

The schedule is:

April       28          Lesson 1               Hosea 1:1-2:13    A Share in God’s Plan Introduction & Q1-Q6

May       5            Lesson 1                  “          cont’d Q7-Q11

              12          Lesson 2               Hosea 2:14-3:5    A Vision of the Possible

              19          Lesson 3               Hosea 4                Back to the Present

              26          Lesson 4               Hosea 5                Sins of the Leadership

June       2            Lesson 5               Hosea 6:1-10        A Temporary Repentance

              9            Lesson 6               Hosea 6:11-7:16   No Place to Hide

              16          Lesson 7              Hosea 8:1-9:9       Substitute gods

              23          Lesson 8               Hosea 9:10-10:15 Recalling Young Love

              30          Lesson 9               Hosea 11:1-11      Mercy Overrules

July        7            Lesson 10             Hosea 11:12-12-14 Yet Justice Prevails

              14          Lesson 11             Hosea 13              The Sign of Love

              23          Lesson 12             Hosea 14              God’s Final Promise