COVID-19 - Our response

In light of the latest guidelines issued by the Scottish government, the Sunday services in the church premises will be cancelled until further notice. But the Church was never meant to be just bricks-and-mortar. WE are the church and if there was ever a time for the Church to be the light of the world it is now! So we are still meeting online every Sunday at 11 AM via Zoom and live streaming services what we call as "Olivet digital service". If you would like to be part of these digital services contact the elders via email ( for more details.

We are living in uncertain times but we praise God we don't have to be hopeless and desperate as we have a great Captain Jesus Christ who promised that He is with us always, to the very end of the age. As children of God, whilst we take all the precautions to help prevent the spreading of this dreadful virus, let us also continue to spread the love of God, hope, faith and joy to others and pray that this pandemic will come to an end soon.